Rosie's Vintage Wallpaper Collection of Sample Books

Imagine trying to purchase a roll of Rosie's Wallpaper 50 years or so ago. You would not be where you are right now: on a website, quickly scrolling through convenient categories and photos. You would be standing in the aisle of a hardware store, flipping through a wallpaper sample book that was organized by color or pattern.

Although today's method is faster and does not require you to leave your home, there is something appealing about actually turning the pages, touching the patterns, and seeing, in person, the vibrant colors of a wallpaper sample book. 

I have a good-sized hoard of vintage wallpaper sample books in my collection. My stockpile ranges from old, old catalogs from the early 1900's to more retro styles from the 1970's. They come in various sizes, big and small. I think they are a real goldmine, not only for the patterns themselves, but also because they help assign a date to some of the patterns of my own. 

When I have some free time, I love to take a book out of storage and ooh and aah over every pattern. So I thought if it's so enjoyable to me, maybe you would enjoy it, too! Today's featured sample catalog from the late 1940's is a little rough around the edges and some of the pages are torn from rough handling throughout the years, but ooh the gorgeous patterns!