Vintage European Wallpaper

I had every intention of sitting down this past weekend and writing a post about my latest wallpaper purchase. However, it's been a week since the wallpaper arrived and I still haven't opened all of the boxes... life has kind of gotten in the way. The bonus to this delay, though, is that every morning I get up and look forward to opening another box to see what's inside. It's kind of like being in the middle of a really good book; although you cannot wait to see how it ends, you really don't want the suspense to be over.

Here's a little info on what I've bought and opened so far. The wallpapers are all from Europe; a large portion were made in Belgium, some in England and France, and a few from Italy and Germany. The time it took for the wallpaper to leave the port by ship, travel across the ocean, and arrive at my shop by truck was over a month. I had to be very patient, which is not my strong suit. The wallpapers date from the early 1900's through the 1960's. And while I will of course be listing rolls for sale on my website, there are also a lot of individual patterns in the mix, so I am giving it some thought on how to best offer those rolls.

I took some time out to take photos of a few of the patterns that really caught my attention. Some of these wallpapers are almost 100 years old-- just look at how rich and vibrant the colors are!