Flocked Wallpaper--A Way to Bring a Room to Life!

This morning I am adding nine rolls of this gorgeous black flocked damask pattern to my website. 

While flocked wallpaper may not appeal to everyone's taste, I have always loved the look. I can remember, back when I was about 7 years old, traveling with my dad to a nearby town to visit with an old friend of his. When we arrived we were welcomed into their home. Inside there were two things that made a very strong impression on my seven-year-old self: a color television (we only had a black and white) and flocked wallpaper on their dining room wall. Even though I knew I shouldn't, I couldn't help but run my hand back and forth across the velvety texture; I was fascinated!


1930's Early Kitchen Wallpaper

Most of the wallpaper patterns that I have listed on my website are stored in my "wallpaper building" which is conveniently located about 30 steps from our back door. Over the years, I have carefully selected and organized the patterns that I want housed in this building.

Fortunately for me and my wallpaper collection, we also own 10 acres of land around our house and have several other outbuildings where the remainder of the wallpaper is stored-- but not catalogued.

I spend a bit of time searching through all the wallpaper in these buildings, especially if I'm looking for a specific pattern for a customer. Occasionally I uncover rolls that I forgot I had. 

So, I wanted to share what I found on my most recent trip to the outbuildings.... a whole box (22 rolls) of an early kitchen wallpaper pattern! The bright, vibrant colors in this 1930's pattern made my day! Too cool!