Trimz Borders -- A Border for Every Room

Vintage wallpaper borders are a great way for homeowners to add interest and a little pizzazz to any room. A few weeks ago I got a chance to add to my collection. Though the seller first thought he might have around 200 for sale, he quickly realized there were a lot more than that-- and I ended up buying around 2,000! Now I literally have a border that will compliment the theme of almost any room in a customer's home.

I am excited to share a few photos of my borders with you. I will be adding these and many more to my website in the coming weeks. I really love the graphics, colors and styles of these particular borders that were manufactured in the 1940s.


How to use Vintage Wallpaper in Your Home-Part II

My next idea in the ongoing series of how to use vintage wallpaper in your home is vintage wallpaper as framed art.

I like to use old picture frames that I find at rummage or estate sales. I clean them up and if they are in decent shape, I use them as is. If they are too rough looking, however, I simply slap on some neutral white paint.

After I spend days trying to choose a pattern (I have a problem making decisions), I just use wheat paste to fix the wallpaper to a piece of heavy-duty cardboard that is cut to size. Easy-peasy! And a great look!


How to Use Vintage Wallpaper in Your Home

In upcoming blog posts, I want to share with you a few ideas or suggestions on how to use vintage wallpaper in your home. First, of course, would be to hang it on the wall.

Use it as a focal point, by wallpapering the whole room or just an accent wall.

Next post, vintage wallpaper as framed art.