Vintage Wallpaper with Poodles

I began selling vintage wallpaper over eight years ago. One of the most common requests that I have had through the years has been wallpaper featuring poodles. Who knew? Anyway, I just came across this roll and I am excited to share it with you.

You can find this roll for sale in my Ebay store, along with many more unique patterns. Dont' forget to visit my website if you need patterns with mutiple rolls. www.rosiesvintagewallpaper.com


Vintage Wallpaper with Cherubs

I have lots of single pattern rolls in my vintage wallpaper collection and have decided to list some of them for sale on Ebay. The pattern below featuring cherubs is one of my favorites. I am not sure my photos do it justice!


Always Ready to Buy More Vintage Wallpaper

If you ask me, a person can never have enough vintage wallpaper! That's exactly what I was telling my husband as we were making the twelve hour drive to Virginia last weekend to buy another 650 rolls. I am not sure he was entirely convinced, but I persuaded him enough to at least come along to help carry and load it all. And now that we are back home, I am sorting through it and finding some very rare and unusual patterns.

I am so excited to add these rolls to my collection! But now the real question is...will I be able to part with some of the most gorgeous wallpaper patterns I have ever seen?


Vintage Children's Wallpaper-Rocking Horse

I am excited to add this cool, vintage pattern to my collection! It's not often that you find rocking horses on vintage wallpaper. And although I have only one roll, it would perfect for a feature wall in a child's room or baby boutique!