A Lovely Suprise

I walked out my back door today to find a great surprise in the doorway of my shop! Our UPS guy had delivered a couple boxes of wallpaper that I had ordered a while back and then let slip my mind. Guess I had a senior moment and somehow forgot such lovely wallpaper was on it's way!

Maybe I get too excited, but opening a box of unseen vintage wallpaper is like Christmas for me.

 I can't wait to unroll each roll to see the pattern.

As I look over the wallpaper, I like to think about its history. The seller told me these particular rolls were found inside an old trunk, in the attic of a 1900 Victorian home. I love trying to imagine what room each pattern would have been used in. Included in this batch is a cabbage rose pattern, which would have decorated a bedroom, a fruit and ivy pattern for a kitchen, and a couple of simpler patterns that may have been put in a parlor and finished with a dado and an architectural border.


Mid-Century Kitchen Wallpaper

I am adding more vintage wallpaper patterns to my website and I have two that I think would be perfect for a mid-century kitchen.

I see this pink and green geometric pattern in a retro kitchen with pink appliances.

And this smaller geometric pattern accented with red kitchen utensils.