Vintage Wallpaper Collage Wall

Growing up, we had a small, old house on our property that we called The Cabin. It was actually my great-uncle Raymond's house, and although he died before I was born, his little two-room house was still standing when I turned 13. My older brother and his friends had used the house as a hangout until it was abruptly deserted when someone in the group finally got their drivers license and they all discovered they had more important things to do. It wasn't empty for long, though... My friends and I took our turn and, like most girls our age, decided the place needed some serious decorating. Despite the fact that we only had our imaginations instead of money, we eventually came up with some cast-off furniture and a few curtains. Still, I continued to complain to my mom that we desperately needed something for the walls--something that would brighten up the small, main room. She just laughed when I mentioned new wallpaper, but suggested the possibility of getting old wallpaper books and creating a collage. And sure enough, our local wallpaper store was happy to give us a few outdated books. My friends and I then tore out pages and went to town, covering an entire wall with scraps of wallpaper. In the end, it looked great and was just what our little cabin needed!

Looking back, who knew that that wallpaper project would be the first of many I would eventually attempt? Although I am just guessing, I would probably guarantee that almost any vintage wallpaper collector has their own wall with a vintage wallpaper collage. Because, with bits and pieces left over from all kinds of different projects, and a love for the look of vintage wallpaper, what better way to use and display those scraps than on a wall for all to see!

Back in 2005, my husband had to add another section to an existing pole barn building, just for my wallpaper collection. But tin siding does not make the most attractive room, so I brightened it up a bit by using a little inspiration from my 13-year-old decorating skills.


Vintage Wallpaper Collage Packs

The great thing about vintage wallpaper is that it doesn't always have to be displayed on a wall. The possiblities are endless and include covering end tables, desktops, jewelry boxes, room dividers, and lampshades. Because of this, many of my customers buy just a single roll or two to use in craft projects and collages of their own. However, if you feel that an entire roll is just more than you could use, I also have vintage wallpaper packs available. These packs are made up of smaller pieces of many beautiful patterns and are the perfect size for crafting!

So, my daughters and I were busy today cutting and combining vintage wallpaper pieces to make up a variety of packs. I have them listed in my etsy shop and will be adding more in the coming weeks.


Vintage Wallpaper Adds to the Uniqueness of this Retro Bathroom

Stephenie from Gladstone, OR recently sent me some photos of her 1950s green-tiled bathroom. She added the vintage wallpaper from my collection and I think it matches beautifully! She is the second owner of her 1950s home and was told when she purchased it that the bathroom scared off other buyers... obviously their loss and Stephenie's gain! I think it's great that Stephenie could easily see the potential this room held, and then willingly put in the effort to create a very retro and unique space!