I Buy and Sell Vintage Wallpaper

It's a bittersweet feeling to sell rolls from my collection of vintage wallpaper. Selling wallpaper, of course, means my business is doing well, so I'm happy to make a sale. But on the other hand, as I ship them off, I'm always sad to see the last of my favorite patterns disappear.

Because of this, I am not only a seller, but a buyer as well. I am always on the lookout for pre-1960s wallpaper, including flocked and mylar, and I will buy one roll or a thousand rolls. I recently received a few leads on some wallpaper that all happened to be located in the same general area. So, my husband and I took advantage of the opportunity and shuffled off to Buffalo (anyone know that John Fogerty tune?), while making a few stops along the way. I found some beautiful patterns and will be adding them to my website within the next few weeks!

Here I am with a few hundred rolls.

I love this pink rose pattern!

A matching plain pattern.

A lovely children's pattern.

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