Vintage Flocked Wallpaper

It's always a joy to come across flocked wallpaper. It makes any room instantly unique and sophisticated, and your first instinct is to reach out and touch the fuzzy texture. 

The first flocked wallpapers were created in the 17th century to imitate the look of velvet and textile wall hangings. Creating flocked paper was a multi-step process that involved painting a background color onto paper or canvas, stenciling a design with an adhesive and then sprinkling with chopped wool or silk to make a raised pattern. However, they fell out of favor in the late 19th century for being too busy and old-fashioned.

The style eventually came back, though, with the psychedelic excess of the 1960s. As wild patterns and bold colors gained popularity, flocked wallpaper also returned to fashion. 

Once again, flocked wallpapers are making a comeback, adding rich color and a velvety texture to any room. If wrapping an entire room in the fuzzy stuff seems too overwhelming, you might consider covering an accent wall, hallway, or even a dining room--it's sure to make a statement and give a unique feel to your home.

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