Vintage Wallpaper Trivia - Vinyl

Vinyl wallpaper made its first appearance in 1947. It was stain resistant, washable, durable and strong. By the mid-1960's nearly fifty percent of all wallpaper sales were of vinyl.
1970s vintage vinyl wallpaper


Vintage Wallpaper Border

I have thousands of rolls of border dating from the early 1900's through the 1950's. Each roll has 4 to 5 rows of border, which you cut yourself--sounds like a bit of work, though, doesn't it? Typically, a border was used at the top of the wall or to outline doors and windows or fireplaces. In the old days you probably would have visited your local wallpaper store and bought only the amount needed for your space. I say this because hundreds of the rolls in our collection have only 6 to 7 yards left on the roll. If the idea of wallpapering a whole room is overwhelming for you, I would suggest starting with a colorful border instead!
1940s vintage wallpaper border
1940s vintage wallpaper border
1930s vintage wallpaper border
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My Love for Vintage Wallpaper

I love vintage wallpaper! I love the vibrant colors, the texture, the hand-painted look--basically, just everything about it. Before we acquired our collection I guess I really hadn't given it much thought, although, I do vaguely remember the red and green wallpaper in my grandma's kitchen. When I first held a vintage roll in my hands, however, I was hooked. I thought to myself, wow, the things I could do with this! I am also fascinated with 40's and 50's household items and I collect clocks, lamps, jewelry, hats and many more items--too many things, my family says--and wallpaper fits right in. So, for my first post I would like to share with you a few of my favorite patterns.
1930s vintage floral wallpaper

1940s vintage bathroom wallpaper

1940s vintage floral wallpaper
1970s vintage flocked wallpaper

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